The mission of Hope3 is to help other people excel by caring for the needs of the family by providing comfortable and convenient childcare, K3-8 education and sick kidzkare to the families of Lagos, Nigeria at an affordable rate. Our deepest desire is to promote and advance surrounding families by providing available resources that allow parents to remain productive in the workforce in order to provide for the initial and extended needs of their individual family and child development needs through education.
Hope Childcare is centered on a quality environment that fosters safety and security in a healthy learning environment for infants and toddlers that connects to the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of learning through means of vast communication. The main focus is to ensure a quality program which involves constant and consistent interaction within the learning environment, with the child, the teacher and additionally the family. Our goal is to provide a warm, happy, and secure environment in which all children can grow and learn.

Quality Childcare Services; Hope child development and care center provides ongoing care for Children, as well as teaching educational and remedial programs. The programs provided However are not just limited to children's social, emotional, physical and cognitive Development but also in helping the family as a whole.

The HOPE Childcare and Development Center maintains a dedicated staff of experienced and well-trained child care professionals and teachers, and a full-service cafeteria that provides nutritious meals for the facility’s children. The facility is open 24 hours a day to assist financially handicapped parents who work night shifts. HOPE3 also provides before and after school programs, summer enrichment programs, computer literacy Programs for all children, as well as health and dental screenings for the financially Handicapped. HOPE3 also provides transportation services to parents in need.