Recuperative Care

HOPE Global Wrap around Services

HOPE provide wrap around services to individuals to meet their every need, helping with mental health, housing, building community to break the barriers that normally hold people back to help Bridge the gap.

HOPE gives intensive, individualized care coordination with the most unsafe people – our instaLiving and Hope-Veteran-Community in partnership with AGS to provide job training services in their factory and on-site building solutions. We have supportive services with intensive behavioral health to meet the needs, and lifelong cycles of trauma, substance use, complex healthcare needs, patterns of housing instability and homelessness, incarceration, and/or poverty.

Our goal is that each person gets focused attention on their unique needs, with wide-ranging support, until they are stable in the community. Child care services for parents with children.

Our services are strengths-based, recovery oriented, and help participants take the next step in life. We advocate for clients to get the benefits, healthcare, dental and housing that they need.

We empower people to have a “voice and choice” in their care and treatment. We “wrap around” participants and their families, tapping in to their resilience and strength, to help them stabilize, recover, and live a fulfilling life.


Who We Are

We received our 501(c) in 1999, in Dunn/Wilmington NC. Our churches and advocates came together to create the first organization of its kind in the North Carolina and moved to Ga in 2008, founded to respond to the growing needs of Unsheltered people with mental health issues. As the agency grew in size and expertise, we focused on the connections between mental health and lack of available affordable housing. By 1985, our Community Services (HOPE) was targeting rising homelessness around our community.

Today, HOPE’ mission is to uplift under-served individuals and their families by doing whatever it takes.

For decades, HOPE has steadily grown throughout North Carolina, Georgia and around the World to meet the rising needs of communities. As an historical agency with comprehensive expertise in behavioral health & housing solutions, it is our founding commitment to do “whatever it takes” to meet the needs of our community. We are determined to growing ethically, hiring locally & hiring people with lived experience, and bringing person-centered care to every community where we work.

HOPE provides innovative behavioral health and housing services for teens, adults, older adults, and their families. We envision a world where all people are healthy, safe, and engaged in community wellness, with access to quality housing. Every year, HOPE makes a difference in the lives of more than 14,500.


Our Philosophy

Housing First | Trauma-Informed | Harm Reduction | Work First

HOPE breaks the mental health, housing, and community barriers that hold people back. We are helping people experiencing mental health needs or housing crises, while balancing other complications like health needs, substance use, generational trauma, incarceration, poverty, and more. Each person we work with gets focused attention on their unique needs, until they are stable in the community. We fight against stigma and work tirelessly to uplift each individual we serve.


Recuperative Care

Have you ever had to recover from a major physical injury or illness? Can you imagine trying to get better while living on the streets?
That is where our Recuperative Care comes in. We help homeless and housing insecure community members who have been hospitalized for a physical illness or injury, promoting long-term health and wellness.
People in need will have access to short-term residential support as they heal, care coordination, nursing support, mental health support, and more.

HOPES’ Recuperative Care programs are rooted in and dedicated to culturally competent, client-led, and strengths-based care. Clients are treated with respect and dignity.

Our mission statement it is our goal to support people to develop freely, to live a self-determined life, to be integrated into society, to take personal responsibility and to actively participate in the development of society. Every human has the right to humane housing where privacy and security are guaranteed.

Our support of the homeless ranges from:

  • Consulting services
  • ID services
  • Address services
  • Assisted living to residential homes.
  • Individuals, women or couples with children.
  • Counseling
  • Support of care provided by qualified professionals
  • Single home living with self-determined life

The HOPE supports the homeless with ambulant living aid, clearing, assisted living for individuals and groups, counselling about bed space, residential homes with long-term-care, residential homes for women and couples, women’s shelters, support for apartment gathering and maintenance, advice on debt/ rent arrears, counselling and therapy on addictions and residential homes for refugees and asylum seekers amongst other offers. The support of homeless people is also a part of the product portfolio of the HOPE in its work against poverty, for dignity and participation.